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Planned Parenthood Pushes 

Sex on Girl Scouts


Kathy Cloninger, the Girl Scouts’ former CEO, admitted on the March 5, 2004 broadcast of NBC’s TODAY show that  the Girl Scouts partner “with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country to bring information-based sex education programs to girls.” A “Girls Only” workshop was held at the UN in March 2010 that was sponsored by the Girl Scouts and three partner organizations. A booklet titled Healthy, Happy and Hot: A Young Person’s Guide to Their Rights, Sexuality and Living with HIV was distributed. Published by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, its stated purpose is ‘to support your sexual pleasure and health, and to help you develop strong intimate relationships’. The booklet contains graphic information on sex, and teaches youth that they have a right to engage in any type of sexual behavior they desire: “There are lots of different ways to have sex and lots of different types of sex … Just have fun, explore, and be yourself!” (p.7).


Anna Chavez became the Girl Scouts’ CEO in November 2011. She has aligned herself with pro-abortion politicians. Under her leadership, several articles supportive of Planned Parenthood were published promoting contraception, abortion, and sexual immorality —including articles urging readers to oppose laws intended to curb underage teen sex.


Sydney Volanski (16) and her sister, Tess (15), felt betrayed by the Girl Scouts once they realized some of their policies and activities violated their Catholic values. They left the organization in 2010, after eight years of membership. They created a website ( to document and spread the word about the Girl Scouts’ affiliations with Planned Parenthood and promotion of anti-life philosophies.


Kathy Schiffer, who blogs at Season of Grace, (, won’t buy Girl Scout cookies because of the organization’s alliance with Planned Parenthood. She wrote: “While a portion of the proceeds of cookie sales remains within the local council, the funds are shared with the state and national organizations … So every dollar spent on cookies, will help to advance the Girl Scouts’ liberal, far-left policies.”


There are many good people involved with the Girl Scouts, but at the national level it has leaders with an agenda opposed to traditional values. There are a number of worth-while alternatives to the Girl Scouts. Probably the largest and best-known organization is American heritage Girls ( If you're unhappy about the Girl Scouts or Planned parenthood, don't just complain; take action! If you are involved with a local Girl Scout troop, stop selling cookies for them. The money generated from the cookie sale supports the national organization, which is promoting promiscuity that leads to abortion. And finally, be sure to send a letter to the national leadership explaining why your troop is not participating in the cookie sale.


We Support the Pro-Life Girl Scout Cookie Boycott

The Girl Scouts should be an organization dedicated to teaching young girls moral values, teamwork, leadership, self-esteem and other skills kids needs growing up.

We are concerned about the long list of ways in which the Girl Scouts have:

* partnered with Planned parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business,
* participated in international conferences promoting abortion,
* hired pro-abortion feminists as national Girl Scout leaders,
* promoted pro-abortion politicians

The Girl Scouts should not be partnering with the Planned Parenthood abortion business or promoting abortion or pro-abortion groups and people. Therefore, until the Girl Scouts end their associations with Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion groups and people, we support the boycott of Girl Scout cookies.

For a list of connections between the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood/abortion, see