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Right to Life of Southern Indiana

Educating our citizens regarding the Sanctity of Human Life . . . . . from conception to natural death
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1/3 of the women who enter the abortion mill in downtown Louisville

have cars with Indiana license plates.


Hundreds of Babies Aborted each month in Louisville - Yes Hundreds!



                             324 Babies Aborted in January

                             309 Babies Aborted in February

                             320 Babies Aborted in March

                             285 Babies Aborted in April

                             266 Babies Aborted in May

                             227 Babies Aborted in June

                             247 Babies Aborted in July

                             264 Babies Aborted in August

                             254 Babies Aborted in September

                             248 Babies Aborted in October

                             242 Babies Aborted in November



3,016 Killed in 2014, which means


1,005 Southern Indiana Babies  KILLED


 Source: Right to Life of Louisville